This technology is ideal to determine the degree of wear and tear of pipelines, identifying problems and establishing the appropriate repair methodology.

In order to avoid problems arising from the aging of pipeline networks (water, heating, waste, gas, etc.) or a faulty execution of installation works, CALA comes to your aid with comprehensive services for video inspection, diagnostics, design and rehabilitation in accordance with the norms and requirements of the European Union.
The video inspection of the pipeline is done with the help of CCTV (close circuit television) labs equipped with high fidelity & resolution filming equipment.

We work with performing robots equipped with camcorders:

  • A robot with fixed head camera – for DN 100 mm ~ DN 300 mm
  • Two robots for nominal diameters greater than 300 mm, with x-ray cameras allowing visualization inside of oil pipelines as well

The diameters of the pipelines inside of which visualization or diagnostics operations will be performed should be greater than 100 mm, with sections having the length of maximum 500 m between visitation chambers.

After each video inspection operation, the recorded data is saved on DVD and a written and printed report is being generated including all comments/observations added after video analysis. This informative report presents the characteristics of the inspected pipeline (length, nominal diameter, inclination) along with listing the problems which require repairs.

The advantages of this technology

  • During the video inspection various defects can be detected, such as: cracks, subsidence, clogging, perforations, corrosion, erosions, etc.
  • The pipeline visualization technology offered by CALA has the advantages of viewing and diagnosing the condition of pipes in order to facilitate a decision for unclogging and / or rehabilitation, and evaluating the results after performing rehabilitation operations.

We are a company specialized in visualization, reconstruction, rehabilitation and pipeline replacement works performed using special technologies that do not require open trench, with 20 years of experience in the field on the Romanian market.