The Hi-Jet technology was developed specifically for cleaning pipelines which will be rehabilitated using No-Dig methods

Used for cleaning pipeline networks up to a metallic luster and then drying them, the HI-JET technology is based on directing the water jet to the pipeline’s walls and direct absorption of water and clogging debris.

The equipment used for Hi-Jet cleaning:

  • consists of a rotating head with nozzles that can be adapted to pipelines with diameters between 80 and 1000 mm.
  • is geared by a high pressure pump (up to 2.500 bar)
  • generates a strong and steady thermo current which ensures the transport of waste water and clogging debris from the pipeline, outside, and dries the walls of the pipe (hot air between 50 – 70°C).

In case of incomplete cleaning, the water jet is quickly directed to the place where more cleaning needs to be done.

The procedure is distinguished primarily by the possibility of using manholes or underground chambers where valves are located, leading to elimination of excavations needed for arrival and departure pits.
In situations where there is the possibility of using the existing manholes, the preparation of the arrival and departure pits is required.

The entire cleaning procedure is filmed by a video camera and the pipeline cleaning work results are saved on a CD or DVD which is delivered to the beneficiary, so that the exact state of the pipeline could be analyzed.