Despre CALA

No. 1 in Romania

As a result of experience accumulated over time and staff qualification, our company is rated No.1 in the field in Romania!

CALA with Romanian private capital

Due to performances achieved over the years, in 2007, CALA becomes a company with Romanian private capital and focuses on everything related to horizontal directional drilling, design work, diagnostics, pipeline rehabilitation and trenchless pipeline installation.

NO-DIG – Trenchless Tehnologies

As a result of increasing demand for this type of No-Dig work – without excavation – our company has increased its material basis bringing new and advanced equipment and the field’s emerging technologies.

Founding members of the Romanian

We are founding members of the Romanian Society for Trenchless Technology RoSTT

CALA was founded in 1994 having a German-Romanian joint capital, and as main activity the commercialization of industrial products. Thanks to its performance in this field, within two years CALA becomes the representative in Romania of well known products.Starting with 1995, after bringing the first machines for trenchless pipeline installation into the country, the company launches its No-Dig special works division.


  • We have high performance machines such as the Vermeer D 1000 x 900 – pulling force of 450 tons – the second largest machine in Europe
  • Our company is the only one in Romania being equipped for pipeline rehabilitation two UV polymerization systems and two with steam, and a resin impregnation system for composite tubes (liner)
  • Our company is the only one in Romania being equipped with horizontal directional drilling machines of 5 t, 7,5 t, 10 t , 60 t, 100 t and 450 tons
  • We care about ensuring a high degree of employee professionalism declaring ourselves responsible for this, without discrimination
  • Urmărim cu interes maxim noutățile din domeniul nostru de activitate și le implementăm pentru satisfacerea cerințelor clienților noștri
  • Promptitudinea, seriozitatea și calitatea serviciilor noastre stau la baza relațiilor de lungă durată cu clienții noștri
  • We aim for excellence and build the company’s future in the sense of prosperity, stability and development through efficient management