Microtunnelling is especially advisable in case of gravitational drainage pipelines (domestic water, sewerage, etc.), or when it is required to install pipelines with a high precision.

Pipelines with diameters of 200-3500 mm can be installed using this No-Dig drilling method. The essence of the Microtunnelling technology is the continuous control of the orientation of the drill head with the electronic device.
The microtunnelling or MTBM drilling machine is operated by remote control, the guiding procedure being performed by the operator of the machine from a control room on the surface.

The operator receives information about the location of the machine, orientation and hydraulic devices on the computer, through a console. Most of the machines are also equipped with video cameras in order to offer even more details to the operator.

Pipeline laying is performed by a hydraulic pipe jacking machine positioned at the launching pit and is done simultaneously with the drilling and soil removal procedures.

Main technological stages:

  • Executing the launch and destination pits
  • Positioning the shield type drilling head and hydraulic thrust system into the launching pit
  • The actual drilling process: advancing the rotating drilling head in the ground
  • With the advancement of the drilling head the pipeline is being installed – pushed by the hydraulic thrust system

The advantages of the microtunnelling technology:

  • It is ideal for laying pipelines with a high precision
  • It assures permanent control of the orientation of the drill head in the ground (vertical inclination, horizontal deviations).
  • The orientation of the drill head is directed by a laser beam.
  • Simultaneously with the advancement of the drilling head, the pipeline is layed – pushed by the hydraulic machine
  • Ocuparea unui teren redus pentru montarea echipamentelor și executarea lucrărilor.
  • Fiabilitatea lucrărilor de subtraversare cu tehnologia de foraj orizontal prin metoda percuție este aceeași cu durata de viață a tubulaturii îngropate.
  • Forajul prin metoda percuției se poate executa în aproape orice fel de teren.