Businesses holding any type of pipelines, and water or wastewater operators in particular

To be aware of other alternative, modern, tested and more reliable technologies than conventional methods of pipeline rehabilitation through excavation, and to assess its benefits.

Specialist Designers

Knowing about ‘No Dig’ technologies helps in developing pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, engineering designs and specifications. Lack of knowledge about No Dig can lead to preparing documentations which will be inconsistent with technology applicability.

Consulting Firms

The knowledge of ‘No Dig’ technologies provides a clear and effective vision in tracking the rehabilitation of sewerage systems, water supply and sewerage transport pipelines which are subjects of contracts, but also in developing Master Plans and specifications for bidding.

Central & Local Administrations

Knowing about ‘No Dig’ technologies makes it possible to use trenchless rehabilitation methods for the replacement or rehabilitation of pipelines to avoid damaging the structure of local paved roads, irrigation pipelines, communication lines, etc.

End Users – the Population

By knowing about these technologies, people understand the importance of renovations involving short execution time and a very low degree of discomfort compared to classical rehabilitation works through excavation.