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Welcome to CALA’s official website!

Welcome to the website presenting CALA – NO DIG & HDD Technology Center, one of the most successful companies in Romania in the field of special constructions.

We constantly improve ourselves and follow industry news with maximum interest. Promptness, reliability and the quality of our services have resulted in long lasting relationships with our customers. Each client is very important to us. Therefore we treat each collaboration with respect and seriousness, and use industry innovations to benefit our customers. We are founding members of the Romanian Society for Trenchless Technology RoSTT.


Rehabilitation using Trenchless Tehnologies

Video Inspection & Diagnostics

This technology is ideal to determine the degree of wear and tear of pipelines, identifying problems and establishing the appropriate repair methodology.

Pipeline Cleaning Services

Knowing the degree of clogging of the inspected pipeline the next step is to clean it, using specialized procedures for this purpose using the latest tehnologies named HI-JET and PIGGING.

Pipeline Rehabilitation

The innovative “No Dig” technology, through a modern approach, harmoniously cumulates effectiveness, economic efficiency and environmental protection.

Drilling without digging


Microtunnelling is especially advisable in case of gravitational drainage pipelines (domestic water, sewerage, etc.), or when it is required to install pipelines with a high precision.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

The percussion drilling method, called pipe jacking, is used for installing pipelines under the ground without digging – for gas pipelines or protective tubes with diameters between (25-2000) mm, under railways, national and county roads, tram depots, irrigation canals, airports, bridges. Mentioning that it also complies with all conditions of the STAS 9312-87.

Undercrossings – Percussion Drilling

Procedeul de foraj orizontal prin metoda percuției se utilizează pentru pozarea fără săpătură a conductelor – de apă, gaz metan sau a tuburilor protectoare, cu diametre cuprinse între 25–2000 mm. Se respectă toate condițiile prevăzute în STAS 9312-87.